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Make Your LMS More Valuable

If you’re anything like I am, you’ve tried to bring people to your LMS on several occasions, adding courses that your data suggests are needs for your organization. For all the promise that online learning holds – with its 24/7 access, no-need-to-travel-for-training – many organizations continue to struggle to bring their employees to their online…

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10 reasons why you need WordPress support and maintenance

WordPress is one of the most common website development tools. This is for good reason because it allows you a variety of options when it comes to crafting the right website to make the most of your vital online presence. Once it has been designed, however, your website will not just be good to go indefinitely…

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Internet Marketing and how to use it

Nowadays, more and more people are making transactions on the Internet. For this reason, e-commerce has proliferated extensively. Most entrepreneurs operating online are finding ways to promote their businesses. One way to advertise their enterprise is through Internet marketing, also referred to as digital marketing or web marketing. What is Internet marketing? Internet marketing refers…

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Building Web Apps with WordPress

  Let’s start by defining what a web app is and how it differs from a website or a web service. In reality, this book will help you build anything with WordPress: websites, themes, plugins, web services, and web apps. We chose to focus on web apps because they can be seen as super websites…

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