10 reasons why you need WordPress support and maintenance

WordPress is one of the most common website development tools. This is for good reason because it allows you a variety of options when it comes to crafting the right website to make the most of your vital online presence. Once it has been designed, however, your website will not just be good to go indefinitely – it will need periodic support and maintenance.

Here are 10 reasons why outsourcing this to WordPress maintenance professionals makes so much sense.

1. Essential backups

No matter how much you try and avoid it, it’s inevitable that sooner or later the worst is going to happen and you’ll encounter a problem with your website. To avoid this being too much of an inconvenience, you need to keep regular backups and make sure they work. Professional WordPress management services can help you stick to a regular backup schedule and oversee the safe preservation of important data.

2. Security

Keeping your website secure is an issue which will require constant attention. The technology used by hackers is getting better all the time and professional WordPress developers will be able to keep you abreast of the latest security requirements to keep your website responsive, safe, and usable for your customers. A brand image of data security and reliability is so valuable to customers that you simply can’t put a price on it.

3. Optimization

A dedicated WordPress management specialist will be able to monitor your website and provide you with detailed feedback in key areas, as well as suggesting new ideas about how to address them. This could be anything from streamlining the checkout process to act against shopping cart abandonment to advice about how to improve your website’s loading speed. With informed feedback, you’re able to make informed decisions.

4. SEO improvement

Search engine optimization is vital to all businesses, but particularly smaller enterprises trying to establish themselves in a crowded marketplace. With specialist WordPress development insight, you can make sure your website is primed to appear highly in Google search rankings. The higher you place in search rankings, the more traffic your business is going to experience. It’s a simple equation, but it’s key for your success so bear it in mind.

5. Server management

Your website needs to be reliable if it’s going to provide you with the proper platform on which to build your business’ success. That means it needs to be responsive to use and able to handle the pressure of increased traffic during peak browsing times. After all, what good is going to the effort of driving traffic to your website if it’s going to crash constantly?

6. Continual development

How many physical business locations do you know that never change their appearance or the layout of their premises? Few, if any, and the same thing applies to your online presence too. Technology is developing all the time and buyers continue to demand new features and improved convenience. Having someone on hand who can develop and implement key performance improvements with an intuitive understanding of your website is invaluable.

7. Freed up focus

A well-managed website will need consistent attention and work. How much of your day are you willing and able to give up to that? If you’re priming yourself for success, every spare minute matters and time is arguably your most valuable resource. This is why it makes so much sense to outsource that work to a professional WordPress maintenance provider who will be able to take that workload off your shoulders.

8. Saving money

Outsourcing involves an initial investment, but when you tot up how much you’re really saving in development time and lost business from poorly implemented apps, widgets, and plugins, you’ll quickly see how much you stand to save. You want to make sure your website appears professional and offers customers slick usability and modern features.

9. Support

You can’t overestimate the benefits of being able to have someone to get in contact with to run ideas past. A WordPress support provider will seek to understand exactly what you want to achieve with your website and provide you with the benefit of their experience to help you to achieve your goals. You can easily lose months researching the latest plugins, only to realise when you finally install them that they’re already out of date.

10. Professionalism

To put it bluntly, unless you know what you’re doing, it’s very easy to create a deeply unappealing and clunky website that will turn potential customers away faster than you can blink. Outsourcing to a professional will allow you to present the right image to your website visitors that you’re a brand they can trust. It also shows that you care about their experience and that you’ve invested capital into providing them with the best features you can.

Invest in WordPress support and maintenance services today, and reap the rewards tomorrow.

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