Why do I need Website Maintenance?

Website Maintenance, do I really need it?

The question of questions I get asked is, “Why do I need website maintenance?” My answer is always, “…because if your website is not maintained, it won’t function correctly.” It is as simple as that. Here are a few more important reasons why website maintenance is so important.


Maintaining the overall website code

Unmaintained websites will quickly become outdated, both in the code and at the software level. This will influence your user experience when visitors come to your website. Users may experience slow loading of pages, broken links, and outdated content, which gives the impression you’re not paying attention to current technology or industry trends and changes.


Poor Functioning Website

When you have a poor functioning website, visitors might leave and find a one that performs better. Visitors leaving your website is not good for the “bounce rate” Google uses for ranking. Having a nice functional website and a good design will encourage visitors to stay longer and navigate through your pages, which are good points with the search engines.


WordPress needs constant maintenance

We, at Pope’s Brand Media, design and develop websites on WordPress. Keeping your WordPress theme and plugins current and maintained is absolutely vital to having a properly functioning website. All Content Management Systems (CMS) websites, like Joomla, Drupal, Magento – there are a lot of them – all need to be maintained on a monthly basis. Technology changes almost daily on the World Wide Web (www.) and on the internet. 


When you are not maintaining your WordPress site, it can – no, WILL – lead to problems.

  • Neglecting even the basics of website maintenance can lead to some of these problems:
  • Longer page loading times
  • Compromised security
  • A decrease in user experience
  • Page rankings suffering
  • Just to name a FEW.
  • An unmaintained CMS website, especially WordPress, can cause some major problems and will become harder to use.


Hackers love non-maintained websites

“Why do I need website maintenance?”  The most important reason, with a very close second for SEO, is hackers. An unmaintained website is an open playground for people who have nothing better to do than cause havoc by placing malware or a virus on your website. At Pure Media Marketing, we have helped some clients with vicious hackers who have put malware on their website. Unfortunately, there are hacks that cannot be saved. If you are not keeping a backup of your data and maintaining your website, when a hacker attacks your website you might have to start from ground zero. Unfortunately, we have seen this too many times, and it has been costly for some clients.


Why do I need Website Maintenance: The Advancement of Technology

In today’s technological world, the internet and World Wide Web is changing quickly, if not daily. Most, if not all, website developers and designers can barely keep up with it themselves … and we’re in it every day! With proper website maintenance, your website will stay current with the internet and World Wide Web technology, mobile technology, social technology, and your website will not lack in rankings within the search engine

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