The Ultimate List of WordPress Statistics | 2018

There is no questioning the popularity of WordPress. I’m sure you have already read several articles or blogs that keeps telling how WordPress is the best thing which happened to the internet community and about its staggering success rate. WordPress, which was started on May 27, 2003, is the brainchild of Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Both gentlemen with this beautiful invention has really taken the blogging world by storm.

Blogging, now no longer remains a hobby for the pursuit of leisurely interest. People have started taking it as a serious profession. And all the credit surely goes to Matt and Mike. With the birth of WordPress, anyone can be a blogger or an amazing web designer creating stunning sites for themselves or their clients.

With all the resources that are available in the WordPress market, you can be the creator of gorgeous and professional looking sites within minutes. That too without the slightest knowledge of codes. Not just this.

If you are creative enough, WordPress can open up to you a range of opportunities, but we already know that! However we are sure, many of you did not know many of the figures and numbers we will be spilling out about WordPress. So without further ado, get ready to have your mind blown.


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